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MARY FALLIN, Lieutenant Governor
Drew Edmondson, Attorney General
Tom Cole, Secretary of State
Rober Butkin, State Treasurer
Sandy Garrett, State Superintendent
Robert Anderson, Tax Commissioner
Neal McCaleb, Secretary of Transportation
Bob Anthony, Corporate Commissioner
Ed Apple, Corporate Commissioner
Cody L. Graves, Corporate Commissioner
Yvonne Kauger, Chief Justice
Hardy Summers, Vice Chief Justice
Alma Wilson, Justice
Robert D. Simms, Justice
Rudolph Hargrave, Justice
Marian P. Opala, Justice
Ralph B. Hodges, Justice
Robert E. Lavendar, Justice
Joseph Watt, Justice
District 1 Senator Rick Littlefield
District 2 Senator Stratton Taylor
District 3 Senator Herbert Rozell
District 4 Senator Larry Dickerson
District 5 Senator Jeff W. Rabon
District 6 Senator Billy A. Mickle
District 7 Senator Gene Stipe
District 8 Senator Frank Shurden
District 9 Senator Ben H. Robinson
District 10 Senator J. Berry Harrison
District 11 Senator Maxine Horner
District 12 Senator Ted V. Fisher
District 13 Senator Dick Wilkerson
District 14 Senator Darryl F. Roberts
District 15 Senator Trish Weedn
District 16 Senator Cal Hobson
District 17 Senator Brad Henry
District 18 Senator Kevin Easley
District 19 Senator Robert Milacek
District 20 Senator Paul Muegge
District 21 Senator Mike Morgan
District 22 Senator Bill Gustafson
District 23 Senator Bruce Price
District 24 Senator Carol Martin
District 25 Senator VACANT
District 26 Senator Gilmer N. Capps
District 27 Senator VACANT
District 28 Senator VACANT
District 29 Senator Jim Dunlap
District 30 Senator VACANT
District 31 Senator Sam Helton
District 32 Senator James R. Maddox
District 33 Senator Penny Williams
District 34 Senator Grover R. Campbell
District 35 Senator James A. Williamson
District 36 Senator VACANT
District 37 Senator Lewis Long, Jr.
District 38 Senator Robert M. Kerr
District 39 Senator Jerry L. Smith
District 40 Senator Brooks Douglass
District 41 Senator Mark Snyder
District 42 Senator Dave Herbert
District 43 Senator Ben Brown
District 44 Senator Keith C. Leftwich
District 45 Senator Kathleen Wilcoxson
District 46 Senator Bernest Cain
District 47 Senator Mike Fair
District 48 Senator Angela Monson
District 49 Senator Owen Laughlin
District 50 Senator Enoch Kelly Haney
District 51 Senator Charles R. Ford
District 52 Senator Howard H. Hendrick
District 53 Senator VACANT
District 54 Senator Gerald "Ged" Wright
District: 1 Rep. Terry Matlock(D)
District: 2 Rep. J.T. Stites(D)
District: 3 Rep. James E. Hamilton(D)
District: 4 Rep. Bob Ed Culver(D)
District: 5 Rep. Joe J. Hutchison(D)
District: 6 Rep. Joe Eddins(D)
District: 7 Rep. Larry D. Roberts(D)
District: 8 Rep. Larry Dean Rice(D)
District: 9 Rep. Dwayne J. Steidley(D)
District: 10 Rep. Gary S. Taylor(D)
District: 11 Rep. Mike Wilt(R)
District: 12 Rep. Jerry W. Hefner(D)
District: 13 Rep. Bill Settle(D)
District: 14 Rep. Barbara Staggs(D)
District: 15 Rep. Bobby Frame(D)
District: 16 Rep. M.C. Leist(D)
District: 17 Rep. Michael D. Mass(D)
District: 18 Rep. Lloyd L. Fields(D)
District: 19 Rep. Randall Lee Erwin(D)
District: 20 Rep. Tommy Thomas(D)
District: 21 Rep. James H. Dunegan(D)
District: 22 Rep. Danny Hilliard(D)
District: 23 Rep. Betty Boyd(D)
District: 24 Rep. Dale Turner(D)
District: 25 Rep. Bob Plunk(D)
District: 26 Rep. Robert Edward Weaver(D)
District: 27 Rep. Dale Smith(D)
District: 28 Rep. Mike Ervin(D)
District: 29 Rep. Todd Hiett(R)
District: 30 Rep. Michael Edwin Tyler(D)
District: 31 Rep. Frank W. Davis(R)
District: 32 Rep. Don Kinnamon(D)
District: 33 Rep. Dale Wells(D)
District: 34 Rep. Terry Ingmire(R)
District: 35 Rep. Larry R. Ferguson(R)
District: 36 Rep. James Hager(D)
District: 37 Rep. Jim Newport(R)
District: 38 Rep. Jim Reese(R)
District: 39 Rep. Wayne Pettigrew(R)
District: 40 Rep. Mike O'Neal(R)
District: 41 Rep. Sean Voskuhl(D)
District: 42 Rep. Billy Joel Mitchell(D)
District: 43 Rep. Tony Ray Kouba(R)
District: 44 Rep. Laura W. Boyd(D)
District: 45 Rep. Wallace Collins(D)
District: 46 Rep. Doug Miller(R)
District: 47 Rep. Dan Ramsey(R)
District: 48 Rep. Al Sadler(D)
District: 49 Rep. Fred Stanley(D)
District: 50 Rep. Jari Askins(D)
District: 51 Rep. Raymond G. McCarter(D)
District: 52 Rep. David B. Braddock(D)
District: 53 Rep. Carolyn S. Coleman(R)
District: 54 Rep. Joan Greenwood(R)
District: 55 Rep. Jack Bonny(D)
District: 56 Rep. Ronald Langmacher(D)
District: 57 Rep. James E. Covey(D)
District: 58 Rep. Elmer Maddux(R)
District: 59 Rep. Clay Pope(D)
District: 60 Rep. Randy L. Beutler(D)
District: 61 Rep. Jack Begley(D)
District: 62 Rep. Abe Deutschendorf(D)
District: 63 Rep. Speaker Loyd Lee Benson(D)
District: 64 Rep. Ron Kirby(D)
District: 65 Rep. Jim Ray Glover(D)
District: 66 Rep. Russ Roach(D)
District: 67 Rep. Hopper Smith(R)
District: 68 Rep. Shelby D.Satterfield(D)
District: 69 Rep. Fred Perry(R)
District: 70 Rep. John W. Bryant, Jr.(R)
District: 71 Rep. John Sullivan(R)
District: 72 Rep. Darrell Gilbert(D)
District: 73 Rep. Don Ross(D)
District: 74 Rep. Phil Ostrander(D)
District: 75 Rep. C. Michael Thornbrugh(R)
District: 76 Rep. Don Weese
District: 77 Rep. Mark Liotta
District: 78 Rep. Mary Easley(D)
District: 79 Rep. Chris Hastings(R)
District: 80 Rep. Scott Adkins(R)
District: 81 Rep. Raymond L. Vaughn, Jr.(R)
District: 82 Rep. Leonard E. Sullivan(R)
District: 83 Rep. Fred Morgan(R)
District: 84 Rep. Bill Graves(R)
District: 85 Rep. Odilia Dank(R)
District: 86 Rep. Larry E. Adair(D)
District: 87 Rep. Robert D. Worthen
District: 88 Rep. Debbie Blackburn(D)
District: 89 Rep. Charles Gray(D)
District: 90 Rep. Charles Daniel Key(R)
District: 91 Rep. Dan Webb(R)
District: 92 Rep. William R. Paulk(D)
District: 93 Rep. Al Lindley(D)
District: 94 Rep. Gary C. Bastin(D)
District: 95 Rep. Bill Case(R)
District: 96 Rep. Mark Seikel(D)
District: 97 Rep. Kevin C. Cox(D)
District: 98 Rep. Tim Pope(R)
District: 99 Rep. Opio Toure
District: 100 Rep. Richard C. Phillips(R)
District: 101 Rep. Forrest Claunch(R)
Senator Don Nickles
Senator James Inhofe
District: 1 Rep. Steve Largent(R)
District: 2 Rep. Tom Coburn(R)
District: 3 Rep. Wes Watkins(R)
. . .
District: 4 Rep. J. C. Watts(R)
District: 5 Rep. Ernest Istook(R)
District: 6 Rep. Frank Lucas(R)

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